Website Rules

Where can I put my contact details?

When you register as a Basic Member on the website, all mandatory contact details will need to be entered on the sign-up form.

We do require a phone number in order to process your registration; however you are in control of who you choose to share this with, on the site itself.

If you do not wish other members to be able to contact you by phone, please tick the Do not show my number box.

As an existing member, you can change this information by clicking on your name and then Account Settings.

Here you can edit your phone number and email address in the relative fields. Both are necessary, however your phone number will not be displayed to other members unless you choose to do so - your email will never be shown.

Please note that any contact details entered in to your ad or profile will be removed by our moderation team.

Can I post several ads or profiles?

If you are looking for a room in several different Cities, you will have to post several Profiles - one per City/Town. As a Basic Member on the site you can post up to 2 listings at any one time.

If you wish to advertise more than 2 profiles, you will have to upgrade your account and become a Premium Member.

If you have several rooms available in different properties, you will need to post an advert per address/room. Regardless of your membership status, you can post unlimited room ads in the UK.

We also offer special Premium Membership packages for Property Managers and Letting Agents. 

Do you check the advertisers?

As we are a classified site operating internationally we do not vet, interview, reference or talk to each of our members personally.

This does not mean that your safety is not important to us – on the contrary.

We have an international team of customer service agents and moderators who work 24/7 to ensure the site is safe for you.

The safety of our users is something that we take very seriously. If you would like to learn how to search safely, please refer to our Searching Safely collection.

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